Attention Neck Pain Suffers in Lancaster PA

If you have neck pain, then you know all too well why we use the expression, "that's a pain in the neck." But neck pain is no joking matter. Just like with all pain, neck pain causes you to lose control over your life. It can be difficult even doing the most basic daily tasks. Some people experience neck and shoulder pain together.

Neck pain may be caused by:

•  Injury  •  Trauma  •  Bad Posture  •  Congenital Abnormalities  •  Degenerative Conditions  •  Muscle Strain

Our first step as physicians is to diagnose the cause of your pain. With our more than 25 years of experience, we can diagnose your problems. Because we have so many treatment options for your pain, we are able to create a customized solution that fits just you.

Treatment types include:

•  Acupuncture  •  Epidural Steroid Injection  •  Facet Blocks  •  Medial Branch Block  •  Prolotherapy  •  Radiofrequency
•  Stellate Ganglion Injection  •  T.E.N.S.  •  Trigger Point Injection

Here are some tips and suggestions about how to lessen neck pain.

Poor posture and wear that comes from age causes a majority of neck pain. You can help lower the chances of neck pain by centering your head over your spine, this way gravity will work for your neck and not against it. Changes to your daily life style may help as well.

Get a Headset

Try not to pinch the phone between your shoulder and ear when you are using it. If you use the phone often, consider getting a headset.


The way you sleep may add stress to your neck. Sleeping on your stomach should be avoided. Use a pillow that can support the natural curvature of your neck when you sleep at night.

Take Breaks

Take breaks often if you have to work many hours a day on your computer or drive very long distances. Try to keep your head centered above your spine by keeping your head back. This will reduce strain on your neck. Try not to grit your teeth. At work stretch frequently if you sit at a desk. While tilting your head to each side pull your shoulders down to stretch the muscles in your neck. Move your shoulders up and down in a shrugging motion. Roll your shoulder blades back and then relax them.

Adjust Your Chair

Your monitor should be at eye level. Adjust your chair, computer, and desk if you have to. Your knees should be a little below your hips. Use the armrests on your chair.


Try stretching the muscles in your front chest wall. Strengthening your muscles around the back of the shoulders and the shoulder blades can also help develop a balanced foundation for your neck.

Do you feel like you have tried everything and nothing has worked? We can help. We invite you to visit us in one of our three Lancaster PA locations to explore the options available to you to relieve your neck pain. Isn't it about time you start living your life. Call us today.