Acupuncture in Lancaster PA

Are you searching for a medical doctor who is trained and certified in acupuncture near Lancaster PA?

Acupuncture was developed over 4000 years ago in Asia. It is based on the traditional Chinese medicine which involves placing extremely thin needles in your skin at specific points on your body.

Acupuncture points are places that stimulate muscles, nerves and connective tissues. When these acupuncture points are stimulated your body will increase blood flow and produce natural painkillers.

Acupuncture is a medically approved technique.

What are some of problems that acupuncture helps?

•  Muscle pain  •  Muscle spasm  •  Back pain  •  Neck pain  •  Asthma  •  Arthritis  •  Fibromyalgia  •  Headaches  •  Migraines  •  Sciatica

What does it feel like?

Most patients say that acupuncture doesn't hurt. Some patients say that they experience a slight pressure or tingling sensation.

Is it safe?

Yes, acupuncture is safe. Our physicians are trained and certified. The needles are FDA approved.

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